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Singing People Well
- Some ideas from Carolyn North,
Founder of The Daily Bread Project.


DIVA OPERA from The 5th Element

Rock on - Can AC/DC help rid your home of mice?
Music can be hazardous to mouse health

Sing a Song! It's fun and good for you!
                               There are many advantages in using Singing as
                               a Music Healing and Sound Healing technique

Sheep, Sheep Dont'cha Know The Road -
                               Very Old Sea Island African Inspired Rythym
                               Guide Me Great Jehovah -
                               Recorded in Old timey Kentucky style - Soulful,
African Influences

Evening Prayer - A lullaby with words

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We LOVE Verbal Graffiti!   
Sing any of these songs to make you
feel WONDERFUL inside!
The Elements Song by Tom Lehrer

Just try to keep up with this one!
The Flower Duet